Browser-based machine learning interpretation platform

Train and deploy machine learning models

View and interpret 3D datasets in the browser

Easily collaborate with other interpreters

Import seismic data and get started in minutes!


Oil and Gas companies must seek out geophysical interpreters to map out ground layers. These ground layers may comprise billions of elements per volume; human interpretation cannot scale to this magnitude.

Our Methodology

We combine the expertise of oil and gas industry professionals with our extensive software knowledge and experience in algorithmic design, machine learning, graphics, and processing massive datasets.

Our Solution (IAI) is a browser-based interpretation platform. Users of the site interpret data allowing our algorithm to continuously learn from professionals' input creating machine labelled data.

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Requirements ×

With the current state of AI and graphics, we are able to offer an interpretation platform unlike any other. For this reason, certain computer requirements are needed to experience at its full potential. While you may still use the site, please be aware that some functions may not be available to you.

Missing Requirements: