About Cognitive GeoInterpretation Inc.

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Our Approach

CGI has extensive AI and software knowledge, specifically in algorithmic design, machine learning, graphics, and processing massive datasets. We combine that knowledge with subject matter experts to speed up and improve exploration workflows.

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Our Tools

We utilize the cloud for storage and computing, massive amounts of subsurface data, domain expertise, and browser architecture. All of these elements are incorporated into our proprietary software, Interpretation.ai (IAI).

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Our Techniques

We utilize unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised AI methods within IAI to solve data compression, visualization, and geoscience interpretation problems. We also incorporate client plug-ins to expand platform capabilities.

Human Interpretation

Human Interpretation


AI Prediction

Interpretation.AI Prediction Compared to Human Interpreter

Our Objectives

  • Speed exploration process by a factor of 10x
  • Increase collaboration via browser software design
  • Create accurate earth models utilizing AI Active Learning
  • Build a complete set of AI based subsurface tools from Data
  • Visualization through Field Development/Monitoring

Requirements ×

With the current state of AI and graphics, we are able to offer an interpretation platform unlike any other. For this reason, certain computer requirements are needed to experience interpretation.ai at its full potential. While you may still use the site, please be aware that some functions may not be available to you.

Missing Requirements: